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ALD Software Ltd: Top Management and Key Personnel

Gari Brizinov, CEO


Mr. Brizinov joined the ALD Group in 2010 as a Co-Founder of Qpoint Technologies, and with his visionary mission and M&A capabilities, the company has reached new heights. Prior to joining the ALD Group, Mr. Brizinov served as Vice President of Professional Services among other R&D roles at Orckit-Corrigent company. Mr. Brizinov brings nearly 30 years of extensive experience in executive roles, strategy, and technology management in cutting-edge multidisciplinary systems (e.g. tactical and aviation programs) of large scale innovative engineering projects which is reflected in wide scope of Electronic-Warfare, Cyber, Telecommunications, Networking, and various software-based solutions, while formulating continuous improvements and offering a broad range of business strategies, client engagement, and desired deliverables.

Mr. Brizinov focuses on building relationships with upper-level decision makers, peers, and partners, ensuring synergy between all functions while unifying employees to the organization’s vision and motivating staff to overachieve. Mr. Brizinov is an entrepreneur in nature and brings innovation and strategic approaches while identifying and creating new business opportunities, research abilities, and efficiently translating concepts into actions by simplifying and fulfilling complex challenges.

Mr. Brizinov holds an M.Sc. in Cybersecurity (Cum Laude with a thesis) from American Military University (AMU) and M.Sc. in Business Management from New-York University (Polytechnic Institute). Certified member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, granted by United States Department of Homeland Security.


Raphael (Rafi) Polak, VP R&D

Rafi Polak

Rafi joined ALD in 1988 and has managed hundreds of Reliability and Safety software projects in the past 30 years. 

As a director of ALD Software Division, Rafi defined, analyzed and created various software projects for some of the world largest aviation organizations including: Airbus, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Gulfstream, Israel Aircraft Industries, NASA and many others. Rafi has a Master Degree in Electronics and Computer engineering. 


Alon Shchori, VP Sales and Operations

Alon Shchori

Alon joined ALD in 2005 as an International Sales Manager. As part of Alon’s tenure at ALD, Alon fulfilled an active role in the sales and marketing efforts of ALD’s solutions (Software, Services) in the areas of reliability and safety engineering.

Alon is working diligently to produce sales leads, running and updating the company’s websites, conducts presentations in Israel and abroad, keeping close contact and support to ALD’s agents worldwide organize international collaborations and negotiates with clients while ensuring transparency, fairness and friendship with clients.


Aharon Gerada, Head of Software Development and Software QA

Aharon Gerada

Aharon joined ALD in 1998 as a software developer and advanced through the ranks to a senior software developer position, team leader and since 2010 he serves as the head of ALD’s FavoWeb FRACAS Development team. He has over 30 years experience in software development and system analysis, database administration and people management. Aharon assures FavoWeb software is up to date with state of the art technology, outstanding software user experience along with smart and intuitive analysis and reporting capabilities in FavoWeb software application.

Aharon is known for getting things done. Aharon is well liked by his colleagues, team members and customers.