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Built in Corrective and Preventive Action Mechanism

FavoWeb supports both 8D problem resolution and root cause analysis (RCA) process and also supports a “lean” corrective action, preventive action (CAPA) process.

The typical Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAPA) process includes a grouping of similar failures / incidents into an entity typically called “a problem”.
The Corrective / Preventive action process is then performed on that “problem”. The “problem” resolution process may include number of steps such as problem definition, containment, root cause analysis, corrective/preventive action.

FavoWeb Corrective action / Preventive action (CAPA), 8D Problem resolution process is flexible and can be easily tailored to your organization’s specific process and requirements. The adaptation of the CAPA process to your needs is done without the need for a programing knowledge and therefore done swiftly and with ease.

CAPA Process by FRACAS FavoWeb

 CAPA Process by FRACAS FavoWeb