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Smart Analysis and Failure Analysis Report Generator

FavoWeb has a built-in report generator.

FavoWeb’s report generator is a state of the art statistical tool capable of producing graphically attractive and meaningful reports and charts.

Any authorized user can produce reports and metric as per an easy to use report definition wizard.

All FavoWeb reports can be issued to MS Office (Doc. / Excel) PDF or HTML formats.

FavoWeb also offers the possibility of converging number of individual reports into a custom made DASHBOARD.

FavoWeb DASHBOARD is a great tool for presenting management a “bird eye” view of operational aspects with drill down options.


Report Parameter Selection for FRACAS

FRACAS Report Parameter Selection


Column Chart by FRACAS FavoWeb

Column Chart by FRACAS FavoWeb


 Report Generator by FRACAS FavoWeb

FRACAS Report Generator


Graphs and Charts by FRACAS FavoWeb


FRACAS Graphs and Charts