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RAM Commander

Ram Commander is the pioneering Reliability and Maintainability software for reliability professionals and design engineers. RAM Commander combines ingenuity of approach, calculation accuracy and convenience of use. Designed by reliability engineers, RAM Commander covers the entire scope of engineering tasks related to reliability of electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical systems. 

RAM Commander is modular software allowing a customer the flexibility of gradual addition of the modules to the package in accordance with the requirements of a project or the budget constraints.

ALD Software RAMS include the following modules:


RAM Commander provides everything necessary for primary reliability prediction based on one of the prediction models for electronic equipment, mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment. Graphical presentation of the projects Product Tree allows visibility and easy data manipulation.


 Product Tree in RAM Commander


Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis by RAM Commander


Pareto analysis identifies components or component families that contribute most significantly to system or assembly failure rate - about 80% of total failure rate.

RBD with Monte-Carlo simulation

RBD (Reliability Block Diagram) module allows performing the functional Reliability and Availability analysis of systems with variety of reliability distributions, and types of redundancy and repair factors. While the basic RAM Commander module provides the reliability calculations and predictions for non-redundant systems, RBD utilizes data defined in the basic module, and performs either analytica l calculation or Monte Carlo simulation depending on the type of a reliability configuration of the system.

RBD Supported Configurations

RBD Configurations


Maintainability Prediction in RAM Commander is based on the MIL-HDBK-472, Procedure V, Method A. Maintainability module is used to predict maintainability of systems and equipment of any type, including avionics, ground and shipboard electronics, mechanical equipment, etc., at all levels of maintenance.

Maintenance Engineering Analysis Report

Maintenance Engineering Analysis (MEA) Report

Spare Parts Optimization

RAM Commander Spare Parts Analysis and Optimization is based on two cost optimization criteria: Total No Shortage Probability & Availability. The module performs Cost-Availability optimization of repairable and discardable parts for all levels of repair.

Spare Part Optimization Report

Spare Part Optimization Report


The Derating module is used to analyze the overstress of components under current temperature conditions. The module provides a tool to define Derating curves and identify overstressed components, i.e., those working under stress exceeding the specified rating value.

Derating Module

Derating Module Features



Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a natural continuation, and in many cases inseparable part of the Reliability Analysis. FMECA module uses a product tree previously created by the user for the reliability analysis purposes.

FMECA Libraries

FMECA Libraries


FMECA Module

FMECA Module by RAM Commander


Testability Analysis sub-module of the FMECA module is intended for in-depth Testability analysis. The main characteristics of Testability - BIT/Detection Coverage and Fault Isolation Resolution - can be calculated for each maintenance level (Organizational, Intermediate, Depot) and for specific detection methods (BIT, BITE, external test equipment, etc.).

FMECA Standard Reports

FMECA Reports


Testability Analysis Report

Test Coverage Report

Design & Process FMEA

This module performs Process/Design potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. The uniqueness of the RAM Commander approach to process/design FMEA is reflected in the graphical presentation of the process flow:

Design and Process FMEA

Design and Process FMEA


Failure Mode Potential

Failure Mode Definition

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

RAM Commander's FTA module is the one of the unique features of the RAM Commander. It is simplified FT Analyzer, fully integrated with RAM Commander product tree and FMECA. It implements and summarizes the first-hand experience gained by the A.L.D. FTA experts in hundreds of projects using RAM Commander and other FTA software.

FTA Fault Tree Analysis

Fault Tree Analysis Module by RAM Commander


FTA Features

FTA Features

Safety Module

RAM Commander Safety Module is planned to evolve into a comprehensive safety toolkit implementing safety tasks defined in the various the safety assessment standards/guidelines. The first release of RAM Commander Safety module implements the requirements and tasks of SAE APR4761.

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