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FavoWeb FRACAS Technology

The FavoWeb FRACAS application is fully web-enabled. It is written in Microsoft Technology - ASP.NET, ASP Scripts using COM objects etc. It is designed to be as light as the client side is - no loading of applets and ActiveX controls. This is done by the Internet use of the application in the SUBC configuration. The software package runs on Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 server as the application server and Windows XPSP3, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 for the client side. The client-side should use any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9,10,11, Google Chrome (37.0 – latest publicly released version), Mozilla Firefox (31.0 - 52.0), Apple Safari (5.1.7). FavoWeb™ supports the use of Oracle, SQL Server and MSDE databases for the various configurations of the application. 

Favoweb FRACAS Architecture

The overall system architecture is shown in the figure below. The central application is on a server. There is no need for dedicated client workstations, reducing lifecycle cost and enhancing user comfort. Oracle/SQL Databases benefits:

  • Preexisting support network for the database
    - Supports multiple users
    - High security level
  • Oracle supports large ERP system. Users can access the program and database via the Internet or Intranet, using workstations, PCs or PDAs.

ORACLE SQL Databases for FavoWeb FRACAS Architecture

FavoWeb FRACAS Architecture


FavoWeb FRACAS is available as an on-premise installation or Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service).

Favoweb FRACAS Security

FavoWeb FRACAS handles data security in 5 different layers: application, platform, domain, database, and configuration. These circuits of security guarantee that sensitive information does not fall to the wrong hands, both within the organization and outside of it.

Data Security in 5 Layers

Data Security Layers


At the application level the administrator can define a set of rules for each group of users. This includes: modeling opening, adding new failures, updating library data, etc.


FavoWeb FRACAS is built on the basis of Active Server Pages language and the use of COM libraries. This technology guarantees the total separation between the user and the server so the data base is unaccessible to non-authorized users.


FavoWeb FRACAS system supports LDAP protocol for user authentication. The system communicates with Directory Services systems (such as Active Directory by Microsoft or iPlanet by Sun).


FavoWeb FRACAS system uses Oracle database to keep the data related to the organization. All the information is separated from the application files and are saved in the database.


FavoWeb FRACAS can be installed in a decentralized configuration so that each factory works on a separate server with an independent database. The main system will be separated from the general network.

Favoweb FRACAS Basic Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Quad-core x64 architecture 2.5 GHz CPU or higher such as Intel Xeon systems
  • 16 GB RAM
  • LAN Adaptor 100/1000
  • 40 GB Hard Disk

Software Requirements

  • Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 Server Standard 64 bit
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 - 8.5
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 
  • Oracle Client 12c 32bit 

Favoweb FRACAS Flexibility

FavoWeb FRACAS uses an administrative tool to customize screens and forms including product families, reporting phases, input forms and fields. The system administrator can change permissions for user groups, add new users, and even change the language for the user-interface. Data can be filtered according to user permissions determined by organization customization. Attachment limits (size, type) are set through the tool by the customer. Fields can be logically interconnected (automatically filling list values depending on values of other fields) using a filter tool. All fields can be set to a hidden attribute so that they will not appear on the form but exist in the database. Fields can also be set as required fields.

Business logic is also customizable as are distribution lists and procedures. Users preparing reports may customize reports and save report templates for quick retrieval and use. 

The advantages of the administrator tool are:

  • Dynamic creation of data forms, reference libraries, system tree
  • Full control over displayed filed names/fields
  • User accounts and permissions update
  • Adjustment of data flow
  • Does not require programming
  • Customizable workflow

This tool enables the organization to build a totally customized FRACAS system that is built according to the organization's processes and business logic. 

FavoWeb FRACAS is designed so that team management can directly create and modify data input forms as well as workflow and group permissions without having any prior database maintenance training. This allows for development of the FRACAS program along with the technical program with no substantial time lag. This flexibility insures low maintenance costs.

Favoweb FRACAS Connectivity

One of the most difficult problems in large organizations is the complications that arise from multiple databases. These begin with multiple data redundancies and end with critical miscommunication. FavoWeb FRACAS is compatible with other organization databases including ERP systems and can interface, acquire and export from other Oracle systems, SQL Servers, SAP, third party FRACAS as well as legacy systems. 

FavoWeb FRACAS can be integrated with almost any legacy system that is already in use in the organization:

  • Integration with PDM systems
  • Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 support
  • CRM integration (Siebel, MS, etc.)
  • Mail server
  • ERP, SAP, Oracle application
  • Any standard protocol support