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Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Products

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Products

ALD Software Suite is a result of 30 years of expertise in development of Safety and Reliability analysis software for many of the world leading civil & military aviation, communication, space and electronics organizations including THALES, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MBDA, SAGEM etc.

The software suite consists of a set of integrated tools covering Reliability prediction, Availability, Maintainability Analysis, Safety Assessment, Quality Management, Safety Management, Industrial Process Control, Logistics Support and more.

RAM Commander is the pioneering Reliability and Safety software for reliability professionals and design engineers. RAM Commander combines ingenuity of approach, calculation accuracy, and convenience of use. Designed by reliability engineers, RAM Commander covers the entire scope of engineering tasks related to reliability of electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical systems. RAM Commander is modular software allowing a customer the flexibility of gradual addition of the modules to the package in accordance with the requirements of a project or the budget constraints. List of RAM Commander modules contains Reliability, Maintainability, RBD, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, Safety Assessment, Spare Parts Optimization/Provisioning, Derating, FMECA and Testability Analysis, Process & Design FMEA and more.

D-LCC Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis and Total Cost of Ownership evaluation are the basis for decision making for the wide range of industries and equipment: from IT systems to submarines. LCC analyzes the total ownership costs of various design alternatives and system's components over the projected life cycle of a system.
D-LCC (Decision by Life Cycle Cost) makes the LCC analysis easy and comprehensive. D-LCC is a key tool for managers, decision-makers, engineers, ILS personnel, and other staff involved in system acquisition, proposal writing, management, development, production and through-life support.

FavoScope Quality Management System is a web-based audit system for quality process management based on ISO requirements including management of inspections, surveys, costs, training, action items, corrective actions, report generator etc. The system is user configurable allowing easy and fast tailoring the organization specific needs/process.

SPC (Statistical Process Control) is software for real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process and its improvement, with decision-making support and a lot of statistical analysis and extensive reports. System gives the on-line possibility to evaluate process dynamics, detect unusual process behavior, degradation or negative dynamics of some parameters and react accordingly to improve performance, minimize defective products or prevent undesired events.
Software supports customizable measurement types, customizable screen and graphs, customizable for different industry types/production line types.

Except mentioned above off-the-shelf software products, ALD has also a set of specialized software tools which are provided as a part of customer – specific tailored solutions or consulting services – like Weibull calculation tool, Reliability Growth, Bootstrapping statistical tool and more.