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Corrective Action Procedures with FavoWeb FRACAS Software

The Challenge

The Customer has found FavoWeb FRACAS system suitable for improving an existing FRACAS Process and for supporting efficient and effective corrective action and preventive action processes work flow. The work flows should be based on failure data analysis results for products used in road and rail transport. 
FRACAS system is required to provide a solution for customer return material records, receiving inspection data, related corrective or preventive action activities and for analysis tools. The analysis tools should allow tracking and detecting trends to improve quality and reliability of the products.
Deployment of the FRACAS tool must allow clarity of problems resolution process both for management and for involved personnel.

FRACAS Solution Design

The Customer's FRACAS project goal is to enable the organization to deploy FRACAS tool throughout customer returns and receiving inspection processes, to support best failure monitoring practice and to perform corrective action process.
The application must allow the users to review relevant failure data, to use analysis tools and to effectively initiate and manage corrective action process. The corrective action process covers all types of problems and enables timely management and resolution of problems.

The project should support activities of the following main user audiences at the Customer company:
• RMA Supervisors or Delegated personnel – managing support of returned units or receiving inspections and initiating corrective action process
• Quality Engineers – responsible for analysis and key participants in corrective action process
• Management personnel and reliability engineers

Major processes inputs are gathered into FavoWeb FRACAS software, processed, analyzed and produce the outputs for each audience.

FavoWeb FRACAS Process Model

FavoWeb FRACAS Process Model 

Customizing FavoWeb FRACAS for the Customer's Corrective Action Process Model

The FRACAS implementation at the Customer company includes optimized deployment of processes for both aviation and mass transit products. 


The FavoWeb system is customized for supporting records of customer returns and receiving inspection data. The FavoWeb system provides an interface to initiate corrective action activities and provides tools for performing analyses on the gathered data. 

The FRACAS system includes analysis tools such as: Pareto reports, yield reports and process-based alerts. Analyses Reports using FRACAS Report Generation Tool

FavoWeb FRACAS software contains a strong tool for report generation ("RGN"), which can include raw data and calculated expressions simultaneously, providing the Customer the best flexibility as an analysis tool.
The long-term experience of over 30 years of ALD software experts, joint with the Customer's professional engineers and analysts, defined several analyses and calculation which gives the Custoemer's technical and administrative stakeholders an easy to comprehend state of relevant statistics and data.

FavoWeb FRACAS System Forms for Easy Customization

The FRACAS system at the Custoemr company ensures that corrective action tasks are defined, their deployment and schedule are monitored, and any risk is mitigated properly.
The corrective action process implementation within the FavoWeb FRACAS system enables to: 

• Identify, record and manage any suspected problem to its effective solution Example of Problem Management Process Form  
• Manage and monitor corrective action process steps
• Support the activity of failure review boards (FRB) and material review boards (MRB)
• Receive alerts by email on any exceptions or delays in corrective action deployment

Handling a failure issue is done through a "Problem" framework, that is, giving the wide perspective of a fault which can pinpoint on a common denominator of several failures as a major issue – a problem. In such approach, heaving several corrective and preventive actions taken under one defined "Problem" makes it easier to monitor and manage.
The advantage of FavoWeb FRACAS software is the ability to adopt any set of business rules, deploy customized format and workflows to mitigate the client's processes and logics. Moreover, after being properly trained by FavoWeb FRACAS experts, the local administrator is able to perform additional customizations and enhancements as required, not necessarily need of programming skills.

Continuous Support for FavoWeb FRACAS

FavoWeb FRACAS software services has a legacy and tradition for customer care. FavoWeb FRACAS team conducts sessions and scheduled meetings (both web meetings and on client's site).
In the case of the Customer's project, the challenge of geographical distance between locations was overcome by carefully pre-planned meetings and web meetings as needed. In addition of planned on-site training, both training and technical support are available online over the web and offline, while using the professional support FavoWeb FRACAS Backoffice IT and development teams.
Support is continuously provided with spontaneous (as required) web meetings as with pre-scheduled sessions.