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FRACAS Use for Complex Aviation / Aerospace Systems and Equipment

FRACAS Use for Complex Aviation / Aerospace Systems and Equipment

The prevention of catastrophic accidents and the elimination of design failures is the industry paramount goal. Aircrafts, spaceships and related systems are complex and expensive to produce. The reliability, maintainability, availabilty and safety (RAMS), failure reporting analysis and corrective action (FRACAS) are only a few of the recommended audits to be conducted by the industry producers. Over the past years, ALD Software developed tools and software to assure the quality, reliability and integrity of the industry products & designs. Analysis of life cycle cost, spare part optimization, reliability and maintainability, failure reporting analysis are a few of the solutions provided by FavoWeb. 

Many of the prominent players in the field of aviation/aerospace chose FavoWeb FRACAS Software as solution that allows them to achieve their reliability and safety goals: Lockheed Martin Corporation, Superjet International, Piaggio Aerospace, Insitu and many others.

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