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One of the Leading Developers of Unmanned Aerial Systems Chose FavoWeb FRACAS Software as a Prime Solution for Integration and Analysis of Maintenance Data and Failure Occurrence Records

The Challenge

As a manufacturer of aviation technology, this Customer is obligated to strict regulations and rules, ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of its aircrafts and accompanied services.
One of the challenges facing him, is the ability to collect, process and analyze maintenance and utilization data of aircraft systems. This processed data is to be reported to stakeholders within the organization, or, in case of safety incidents, also be reported to aviation authorities such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) in a defined time frame.

Optimal Solution Design: Specification Process

FavoWeb consultant experts, along with Customer's engineers and information systems experts, defined the optimal solution using FRACAS software that reflects organizational processes regarding customer service records, maintenance records, faults records and incident reports.

ALD Software Ltd. experience accumulated in decades allows defining the most relevant reports to provide an accurate snapshot, raising efficiently the relevant issues and problems.

The solution offers FavoWeb Web-Service technology capability for importing data, connecting to Customer's information systems and enabling bi-directional data streaming at scheduled times.

The result of Customer's challenges, mitigating with FavoWeb FRACAS software and ALD Software Ltd. experience is described in the process concept drawing below:

FavoWeb FRACAS Flow Chart

 FavoWeb FRACAS Flow Chart

Implementing the solution with FavoWeb FRACAS software

With data import available through Web-Service technology, FavoWeb FRACAS system was customized to Customer's data structure providing the following process-supportive features:  

• Classification of failure records FavoWeb Implementation of Product Tree
• Producing a safety report for the regulator;
• Implementing a product tree ("As Delivered / As maintained");
• Collecting utilization data;
• Collecting maintenance records (transactions of scheduled and unscheduled);
• Generating reports with customized charts and lists;
• Managing full cycle of Corrective Action process.

 Failure Reports Chart by FavoWeb Report Generator  Failure Reports Distribution Pie Chart
FavoWeb Report Generator – Failure Reports Chart                                                                                     FavoWeb Report Generator – Failure Reports Distribution Pie Chart                                             

FavoWeb Continues Escort and Support

FavoWeb FRACAS software services has a legacy and tradition for customer care. FavoWeb FRACAS team conducts sessions and scheduled meetings (both web meetings and on client's site).

In the case of Customer's project, the challenge of geographical distance between locations was overcome by carefully pre-planned meetings and web meetings as needed. In addition of planned on-site training, both training and technical support are available online over the web and offline, while using the professional support FavoWeb FRACAS Backoffice IT and development teams.

With every phase delivery in the project, a web meeting of several hours has been set, presenting the new features and teaching how to use them. In addition, written guidance material is delivered.

Support is continuously provided with spontaneous (as required) web meetings as with pre-scheduled sessions.