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FavoWeb Software Deployment for the Significant Customer in Defense Sector

The Challenge: Integration of multi–source data

FavoWeb FRACAS software, the Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) by ALD Software Ltd., is intended to obtain raw source data from various sources within the Customer's company. Data is due to be processed and analyzed as failure and safety events occurrences at stake. So will be done for service process data during design, supply, production, operation and maintenance phases.

 FRACAS Data Integration and Processing Model

Data Integration & Processing Model

The raw data is gathered from various sources which have different data formats. It first needs to be processed with a "cleansing procedure" to conform it with a unified format. The initial data then be calculated and improved for further calculation and other analysis purposes.

FavoWeb FRACAS Process

During the implementation process, ALD Software Ltd. created several processes flows to gather data such as:
• Sortie Data supplied by Customer's contractors and operators.
• Maintenance Data.
• Safety Issues.
• Repair Actions.

The business flow gives an ability to analyze the data systematically using the customizable process mechanism of the FRACAS system.

 FRACAS Architecture

The FavoWeb FRACAS Architecture

FavoWeb FRACAS Reports

A set of reports was implemented, using FavoWeb FRACAS report generator module (RGN).
RGN can include raw data and calculated expressions simultaneously. It provides the best flexibility as an analysis tool, enables to customize and design a report shape and appearance, as well as support for exporting to several file formats such as PDF, Excel and MS-Word.

Here are few examples made to meet the analysis needs of the process:

 Distribution Reports  Rate Comparisons Report
                                      Distribution Reports                                                                                                    Rate Comparizons Report                                                                   


  List Reports 

List Reports 


• Data Collection Flows successfully created.
• Calculations and cleansing process on the initial data successfully implemented.
• Analysis module successfully implemented.
• Set of customized reports created upon customer’s requirements and specification.
• Legacy data and Configuration data imported to the system.
• Gained total control of the application lifecycle by the customer.

After implementing the data processes ALD Software Ltd. created a Problem Management (Corrective Action), which assists on establishment of the identifying, tracking and complete investigation of the problem.

The process flow was defined and implemented using FavoWeb FRACAS modules according to Customer's methodology and requirements, starting with definition of a problem (identification of several failures which have common characteristics), through risk assessment and corrective action establishment, ending with effectiveness and verification:

 Corrective Action Process

Corrective Action Process

Assimilating Special Feature: Risk Assessment Procedure

FavoWeb FRACAS system has the advantage of customization flexibility, enabling a variety of business processes to be implemented in the system. Risk Assessment Matrix

One example of this advantage is the implementation of the risk assessment logic for Customer's corrective action process.

FavoWeb FRACAS team build the classic methodology of risk matrix in the system, allowing to classify a problem criticality according to the level of severity and the frequency parameters for each case.

Once parameters are set, FavoWeb FRACAS system set the risk level assessment automatically – according to the pre-defined business rules, in this case – calculating the level of severity and the frequency according to the matrix.

Continuous Support for FavoWeb FRACAS

FavoWeb FRACAS software services have a legacy and tradition for customer care. FavoWeb FRACAS team keeps an opened communication support channels with the customer after the "Go-Live" step of the project.

After delivery of FavoWeb FRACAS software to the Customer, FavoWeb FRACAS experts conducted on-site training for groups of users, addressing the type of users by process usage and by functionality. By this this approach FavoWeb FRACAS team succeeded to promote the level of skill and confidence among the users in every day's work with the FRACAS system.

Additional routine and on-demand session are held both for training and technical support. FavoWeb FRACAS team members are also available online over the web and offline, regardless of being located on different time zones.